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December 10, 2013

Police: Barber Stabs Customer In Testicles

SEATTLE -- A barber, who apparently has a bit of a standing beef with one of his salon's customers, stabbed that customer in the testicles with a pair of scissors last Thursday in the Central District, according to the Seattle Police Department. According to the police report for the incident, the victim was getting his hair cut around 4 p.m. at a salon in the 400 block of 12th Avenue when one of the salon's other barbers started to joke around with him. He later told officers he knows this barber from around the neighborhood, and they are not friends. Furthermore, he said the barber has assaulted him in the past, but he never reported it. The victim finished getting his hair cut and asked the barber to stop joking with him. In response, the barber threatened to kill, punch and stab the victim, according to the report. According to the report, the barber grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed the victim in the gut, though the scissors didn't make it past the victim's jacket. The barber stabbed the victim a second time -- in the crotch this time -- ripping the victim's pants and making contact with his testicles, according to the report. The victim left the salon and went to his car. But, the barber reportedly followed him and punched him in the face. The victim was finally able to drive off and call 911. The salon was already closed when officers arrived, so they were unable to speak with the barber. And, the victim was left with a sore lip and groin.

Hannah Wants Nearly Died In A Plane Crash In Mozambique

THUMP: I heard you almost died on the plane ride on the way over to Mozambique. Hannah Wants: I'm a bit scared of flying, y'see. We thought it would just be a normal plane to Mozambique and it wasn't. It was the smallest plane I've ever seen. You couldn't even stand up. There was a tiny propellor on either side and plastic… Even in your wildest fantasies about blowing up, did you ever think you'd end up performing in Africa? It's so weird, but so humbling to know you've travelled to the other side of the world and people know your music and people know you. I find that surreal. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. It's very weird. I didn't know much about the Mozambique scene. Apparently it's getting bigger. I'm playing in Maputo. The venue, Coconuts, holds 2,000 and I've heard that they fill it out. It's mental. What has it been like on a personal level? This whole trip has been an eye-opener. We gave the porter at the hotel a £5 tip for bringing our suitcases up. His face when he left was like it was Christmas and I didn't know why. We were talking to the promoters and they were saying you're meant to tip them about 20 pence and that we'd paid him basically half a week's wages. It was crazy to be able to affect someone's life so much with £5. Performing live, are you the kind of DJ that gets down or are you more of a reserved technician? A bit of both. I've been doing it a long time now so i've learned how to not go crazy. I am one for a good party now and then but it's got to the stage where i'm gigging one side of the country on one night and the other side the next so I suffer if I do go a bit crazy. I've got so much to do so I need to spend my days working and not recovering in bed. It depends. Sometimes when you say you're gonna be good, you're really not good. I can never sometimes stick to my word. Tell me your story and how it fits in with the trajectory of bassline and jackin' house. I started DJing when I was 16 years old on some beltdrive Numark decks. I taught myself to DJ. I started playing speed garage and bassline house and it took years of learning and DJing about to get anywhere. Bassline kind of died out where I was from in England because of the trouble that was associated with it. It had a bad reputation. It wasn't aggressive music but it just attracted the wrong crowd of people. It came back big time around four years ago, just a little bit slowed down, and people started calling it jackin' house and it's evolved since then. I never used to call it jackin' house. It's gone more into bass-house and all sort of molded into one. I'm lovin' it.

12 Musicals We Hope And Dream NBC Will Turn Into A Live Theatrical Event

After The Sound of Music Live! brought in massive ratings, the network announced it will repeat the formula next year. NBC, we have some suggestions for you...