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December 21, 2010

Minimalist Package Design

The Antrepo Design Project experiment with the idea of removing all the clutter from product packaging for a minimalist effect. It's striking how much is still there after all that noise is removed. More examples here. (Via Swiss Miss.)

R2-D2 Headphones

For only 50 bucks. These'll go perfect with your R2-D2 one-piece, assuming you're a "headphones-and-bathing-suit" kinda gal. (Via OhGizmo.)

Google Blacklist Christmas Cards

Want to send your special someone an unconventional card this Christmas? Look no further than Google Blacklist Christmas, the website that lets you send a special message to your friends and family using words that Google has blacklisted.

Levi Johnston’s New Girlfriend: Sunny Oglesby

Sunny Rae Camilla Oglesby is Levi Johnston’s new girlfriend. The two are Facebook official and Bristol Palin says she couldn’t be happier for her ex. Sunny, who is also from Wasilla, likes Buddy The Elf and Miranda Lambert. According to her Facebook, Sunny has had “many loser ex boyfriends who have made her stronger.” I guess old habits die-hard.

Merry Christmas, From a Masturbating Cat

Sure, it's just another masturbating cat, but the festive Christmas setting is really what makes this video so relevant.

'Something' by Cyriak

Cyriak's videos have always walked a fine line between fun and creepy.

The Story of Life, As Told With Fingers

Cyriak made this surreal short illustrating the abridged story of life on earth for Showtime.

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