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October 31, 2008

Gmail Adds SMS Chat Function

Google Labs has added new functionality that will allow users to send text messages through Gmail's chat feature. Just add your friends' phone numbers, and Gmail will give you the option to text them when they show up as offline.

Janice Raps

She's attempting to teach arts and crafts to children, but it's hard to imagine her teaching anything besides "how to be a naggy girlfriend."

Caylee Anthony Ghost Sighting

The three-year-old girl has gone missing since June 2008, possibly due to sinister motives. There's a video clip of a possible ghost sighting.

Fat Women Have More Sex

Myths debunked! Overweight women have more fun, not blondes. (That is, if you consider sex to be fun.)

Red Sex, Blue Sex

Why do so many evangelical teens get pregnant? The New Yorker looks at what "no sex before marriage" actually means in the Bible Belt.

The Halloween Primary

Can sales of Halloween masks predict the winner in the upcoming election? A poll of 625 stores nationwide has been eerily accurate in predicting the next President for the last 12 years. Bad news for independents: The Bob Barr masks haven't exactly been flying off the shelves.

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