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October 21, 2008

MacBook Misses a Key

Here's a photo of a new MacBook that happens to be missing the letter 'B'. Factory fail!

Referee Hits USC Quarterback

It's actually a pretty decent tackle, when you look at it. But why? Why? Happened during the USC-LSU game this Saturday.

The Mammary Game

A flash game that's basically Memory but with photos of boobies is a promotional stunt for the new movie Role Models.

Princess of Nebraska

Wayne Wang debuted an entire full-length film on YouTube. The "New York Times" points out that the comments range from thoughtful critiques to "THIS HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH NEBRASKA."

Mark Oliver Everett

The singer from the EELS' memoir is out today, with an accompanying NOVA documentary that will air tonight on PBS.

They're Listening In On Your Phone Sex

An investigation into allegations that U.S. intelligence officers have intercepted, recorded, and shared hundreds of phone sex calls between U.S. citizens is underway.

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