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January 15, 2008


A drug-resistant staph infection is appearing among homosexual men in Boston and San Francisco.

Floating Data Centers

An internet security start-up reveals a plan to create mobile data centers out of old container ships.

Crushing on Michael Cera

Who ever thought the awkward, adenoidal kid who played George Michael Bluth on Arrested Development would turn into a sex symbol?

UFO Over Texas

Several dozen people in Texas reported seeing a large metallic flying object.

Indoctrination Videos

An internal Scientology video featuring Tom Cruise talking about his beliefs has been leaked to the web.

magibon / MRirian

One of the most popular profiles on YouTube features videos of a young girl named "magibon" or "MRirian" staring bashfully into a webcam.

Rice Babies

Japanese parents send out personalized bags of rice to celebrate the birth of a child.

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