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Bedroom Styles For The Same Purpose

We consider the styles of bedroom say a lot about the person who chooses not forget that it is your most private space and is designed in an absolute way to rest and relax. When decorating a bedroom the most important thing is to choose the style that best suits our personality. Style bedroom should invite us to rest and transmit peace. Your decoration should be fully associated with the taste of each person to achieve that special place that we like. Here we help you decorate your bedroom with different ideas will surely find the style that identifies you.

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Classic style bedroom

"classic is something that could not be overcome" and interior design , decoration classic cut is always a style that brings distinction and elegance. In many hotels of category choose this style, being timeless, It never gets old and the owners are not forced to renew spending exorbitant sums of money.

Minimalist bedroom style

Minimalism is a decorative option for a bedroom, the atmosphere should be minimal, merely functional and everything must be extremely clean visually.

The minimalist style in the bedroom is the most avant - garde in the decoration, being a wonderful option that generates a lot of harmony and simplicity . The furniture that define this style are straight lines, with only gentle curves and are perfect for creating a pleasant atmosphere and current without losing functionality.

No drop in white and black, remember that synthesis and sobriety is not uniform or monochrome.

-Avoid Vases, gilt ornaments and decorations Baroque and Renaissance tastes. Nothing to break the rational climate.

- The bed should be simple regardless of the material, wood, iron, bronze, what matters is that you have very simple lines. Dressing the bed, omitting lots of pillows or cushions in this style less is more.

- Select and dressers also comfortable straight lines, unadorned fancy or ornate.

- Establish an armchair or base chair as a place where clothes and shoes that are in use will be supported.

- The tables, if lamps on them, they do not have elaborate lines should preferably be used cubic or cylindrical. Some touches of color are needed.

- Do not place bulky fabric curtains on the windows. Simply opt for a system of rods, either plastic, wood or rollers.

- The uncarpeted floor, it is important to see unhindered.

- The walls must also see clear, avoid using too many pictures, photos or ornaments.

Oriental style bedroom

The oriental style proposes a return to equilibrium, seeking to reflect the harmony, order and relaxation throughout the space. Eastern philosophy is present in Zen style, prioritizing natural and almost without altering the nature elements. A low bed and a table with oriental motifs are the basic that give that special touch to start,

It is very personal and has a style that should know well, to know how far we can integrate it into the atmosphere we want to create. One of the details that differentiate oriental decoration other decorations is the use of small-sized furniture, usually low. The harmonious minimalism with ethnic touches transformed into this oriental style, decorative wooden accessories can be generating the contact with nature.

To decorate a bedroom stylish oriental you have to:

-Use Marked oriental furniture, very easy character to find in specialty stores.

-The Colors we choose raw, green, blue, colors that resemble nature.

-The Lighting in this case need soft lighting.

-The White textiles are better the more you will achieve the conecpto.

Modern style bedroom


For a Modern style bedroom must keep in mind that lighting is essential. It is important to enhance the natural lighting that artificial lighting that we choose is as white as possible, but it is gradual and controlled. Thus we have the perfect light at times when we need to relax to sleep, and a stronger everyday life when we need to.

The intense colors should avoid excessive because they will influence your rest, but you can enter them in brush strokes to give the room that we look modern touch. Brushstrokes in orange, red, terracotta, emerald green, electric blue or yellow are ideal choices. Being a double room, the ideal is to run from the feminine colors like pink or lilac. It can be white, beige, gray or pastel blue. The decoration of modern bedroom seeketh not overdone but simplicity. Spaces predominate collected, sorted, without too much furniture. The combination of designer furniture and floor lamps or nightstands give a modern touch that you'll love ..

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