This is What a $1400 Farm Looks Like

So some kid racked up nearly $1,400 worth of Farmville charges on his mom's credit card. It proves that even in Farmville, money can't buy taste.

Rohin Guha • 8 years ago

'Between Two Ferns' with Ben Stiller

Fresh from the best SNL monologue in millennial history, Zach Galifianakis is back with another episode of his Emmy-winning talk show.

Amanda Dobbins • 8 years ago

Improve An Album Cover!

Inspired by this profound image of Bel, Biv, and Willem Dafoe discovered by Acorn King, BuzzFeeders have been making some truly brilliant album cover mashups! Check them out and add your own below.

The Acorn King • 8 years ago

John Mayer's Guitar Faces

Twitter's favorite musician is also well-known for making funny faces while he jams. Thank god we have the Internet to collect them in a perfect gallery of hilarity.

Lindsey • 8 years ago