Derrick McCoy
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    • Derrick McCoy

      “fun witch”? I’m sorry but having your grams, your boyfriend, your mother and pretty much everyone you care about die because of vampires doesn’t really make you want to beafun person. Bonnie is the sole reason Elena, Damon, and Stefan are still alive and why Klaus hasn’t ripped them allanew one. Have we forgotten she saved Elena and Jeremy from being killed after killed Kol? Or how she’s saved Elena from vampires out to kill her or give her to klaus NUMEROUS times.

    • Derrick McCoy

      This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. If Bonnie is doom and gloom it’s because the golden vagina aka Elena Gilbert has brought doom and gloom into her life. Seriously Bonnie can’t even have a guy flirt with her without him being a vampire out to kill her or use her to get to Elena’s golden vagina. She’s the sole reason the main cast as survived as long as they have. Seriously are we even watching the same show?!

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