9 Of The Tastiest Delicacies From New York City

Let’s take a food tour of the Big Apple. Just the thought of the city’s food makes your mouth water. Good thing you can find Reubens with the same high-quality ingredients of a NYC corner deli at every Arby’s.

1. Welcome to New York City. Let’s grab a slice.

New York City loves ‘za.

2. Hungry for a Hot Dog?

Cultura RM/JPM / Getty Images

Don’t be shy, dig in.

3. How about a bagel with some lox?

Tetra Images / Getty Images / Via eatwell101.com

Let’s eat like a boss.

4. Ready for a cookie?

Mark Thomas / Getty Images

Two colors in perfect flavor harmony.

5. Oh, have you had a knish? You’re going to love it.

Elzbieta Sekowska / Getty Images

6. Thirsty? Let’s get an egg cream.

7. We’ve got to get a Reuben.

8. Let’s grab a pretzel here.

Wow. That’s so good.

9. And let’s have cheesecake for dessert.

Did we just eat the whole thing? Whoa.

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