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10 Situations When You Need A Reuben Now

Bad day at work? Craving meat? There are just some situations in life that call for a Reuben immediately. And when they strike, you'll know.

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When You're Craving Meat

pkripper503 / Getty Images

Do you wake up craving meat? Do you crave meat in the middle of the work day? How about while you're sleeping? There's a cure for that.

After A Long Night Of Singing Karaoke

Thinkstock / Getty Images

After a long night of giving the Karaoke scene a bad name with your awful rendition of Taylor Swift's, "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together," you most definitely deserve a condolence Reuben.

After You've Just Lost The Big Game

Stellapictures / Getty Images

Tom Brady didn't just sit around and cry after he lost the big game to the New York Giants... he sat around and cried WITH a Reuben. Now that's losing with style.

That Day When You Finally Decide You're Giving Up Being A Vegetarian

Jon Feingersh / Getty Images

So you're planning on making up with meat. There's no better way to ring in a meaty New Year than with a Reuben.

When You've Just Gotten Dumped

Tom Roberton / Getty Images

Breakups can be tough, but sitting around and moping isn't going to get you anywhere, now is it? Pick up a Reuben and carry on.

When You Just Sunk The Game Winning Three Pointer

zhang bo / Getty Images

We all know what Jeremy Lin did right after he sunk the game winning three pointer against the Wizards. He took a trip to Rebuen city, baby!

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