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    • ARandomYouth

      Seriously? I’m sorry Bonnie has gone from the cute little teenage toayoung adult who tries to deal with her issues one day atatime. Nevermind that her grandmother died to help the Salvatores. Nevermind that her father wasanon-factor. Nevermind that her mother was sacrificed for Elena. Nevermind that she continues to put herself on the line each and every timeaproblem comes up. So yeah,Ithink she deservesalittle bit of time to be “doom and gloom” which if you were paying attention, you’d know that no one in Mystic Falls seems to be as chipper and bright as they were in Season One. But yeah, go ahead and root for Elena biting into the girl who once said “I would die for Elena. She’s my sister.”. But she’s not allowed to whine.Iwonder why.Iwill give you kudos on the fact that you wish her away from Mystic Falls. So do I.Iwant her in another city being free from the burden of being the town’s unsung hero.Iwant her alone so that when Elena, Damon, Stefan, Caroline, and all the others are in trouble, she can shrug and go “Not my problem.”

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