Robert Johnson
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    • Robert Johnson

      This clip and a few others since Tuesday punctures the illusion that a lot of us progressives had that The Architect was Machiavellian enough to be one of the fascists who was NOT in the Bizarro-World Bubble of the TeaBaggers and other morons living in some made-up “reality.” Now it seems even Rove lived in that bubble of ugliness where the Government has no role except fighting wars for oil and having a camera in everyone’s pants, conducting a war on people who use the wrong drugs to beef up the private prison industry…and corporations, banksters and the billionaire class should get whatever they want. Oh yea: not vehemently repudiating the heinous utterances of a-holes blathering on about RAPE? Wow. Rove’s just as big of an idiot as all the others. Faux News is a national disgrace, and has created a huge class of rednecks who have been made far more stupid than they need be. Time to re-tool, Rethuglicans. Chickens have come home to roost. Deal with it.

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