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Every Member Of The Neighbourhood Is Beautiful

The LA based band is making girls across the country swoon with a song about sweaters.

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While I sometimes like to pretend that I'm a modern and independent woman who cannot be swayed by a bad boy in a leather jacket, I am in fact just another swooning, knees turning into jelly, fangirl for men with tattoos and "leaning on walls" style. Queue The Neighbourhood. Their single "Sweater Weather" is picking up steam and simultaneously steaming up my life. Each of the five members of this California based group embodies that attitude of "I'm cool, sexy, and I don't care", they only take black and white mysterious photos, and their songs make you feel like they are DEFINITELY singing to you. Let us now breakdown each member:

Jesse Rutherford:

Jesse is the bad boy you want to want you. You want to be the one that makes him go good, but not really, you want him to stay the same because he is perfect. He is the lead singer with the smooth voice featuring R&B undertones, he's covered in tattoos from head to toe and has an ability to wear a leather jacket that has Gosling sweating (which is sexy too). He used to be an aspiring rapper with platinum blonde hair, so he's the coolest guy at the party that you're not invited to.

Bryan Sammis:

Bryan is the adorable drummer and yet still achieves a level of sexy that has those knees shaking. He too has beautiful tattoos and rocks the "I used to be a little more alt than this" look featuring a pair of Vans, retro shaved hairstyle, and and a usually all black ensemble. Side-note: His internet presence is funny and relatable, and he likes HIMYM Lust. Like. You.

Zach Abels and Mikey Margott:

Zach and Mikey are the two adorable members who you can't really separate and wouldn't dare because one baby face cutie is good but two is better. They have only just started their collection of tattoos but give them a few years and you won't want to take them home to meet your parents.

Jeremy Freedman:

This is the guitarist that you only notice after you've stopped drooling over all the other members. He's quiet, bruiting, and talented. His sexiness is subtle but present. He's got cheeks that you just want to squeeze (take that however you feel).

"Touch my neck, and I'll touch yours, you in those little high-waisted shorts.." K BYE!


View this video on YouTube


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