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This Is What Your Beauty Routine Might Look Like If You’re Living With A Chronic Illness

From one sick babe to another.

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When you live with chronic illness, your look of the day often happens at the same time as your pill regimen.

Your inhaler might as well have lipstick permanently printed on it.


Nail art becomes more like art therapy.

It can take accessorizing to a whole new level.

Curling your lashes isn't so much a routine "necessity" but a victory in and of itself.

You've learned all kinds of hacks to get the look you want before your energy runs out.

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Stick-on eyeliners have changed your life.


But you make time to pamper yourself even if you can't really move that much.

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Sheet masks are a godsend for looking well rested even if you're bedridden. Hyaluronic acid ones in particular really pamper dry skin.

You go through dry shampoo on a regular basis, because standing up to shower sometimes just can't happen.

Lip balm is only one of the balms you deeply appreciate.

(Two other versions of this would be the Anatomicals option, or Tiger Balm, which you can find at any Asian grocer...and probably Target.)

Lip balm: check. Headache balm: check. Foot balm: check. Balm me up, Scotty.

Candles + bathtime = vital detox and decompression from the day.

You don't go looking for foundation just to get a dewy, even glow, but to cover up the rashes from both the sickness and the treatments.

You learn to develop a very particular sense of humor about beauty product names.

But perhaps the most important tool of chronic illness beauty survival: selfies.

Hey -- whether or not you put makeup on to help you deal, you look great.