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    11 Signs You're Addicted To Lip Balm, The Wand Of Winter’s Rage

    It is like 8 degrees out, so my body is 85% covered in Burt's Bees.

    1. This has happened to you.

    2. This fills you with deep envy.

    3. This too.

    4. Your favorite eggs aren't nutritious.

    5. No amount is enough to get you through.


    6. You stop mid-conversation to re-apply.

    7. You follow Lip Balm Anonymous.

    8. All day every day, baby.

    9. You're not afraid to ask for a helping hand to get what you need.

    10. Half the time you put it on, you just end up eating it.

    11. When you're not eating it or smothering it over your food-hole, you are probably saving the world.

    Now please excuse me while I reapply and then promptly lick it all off. Bye.