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A Bizarre Beauty DIY That Will Probably Burn Your Eyeballs Off

Oreos + Rubbing Alcohol + Eyeball = ?????

There are some great home-made beauty recipes out there. But then there are also terrible ideas. Like this one.

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Here are her results.

The tutorial involves, obviously, wasting the filling (blasphemy), and crushing the cookies to a pulp.

What will you eat after all this smashing? NOTHING. YOU ATE THE OREOS.

Here's the complete supply list, for reference.

The cost of materials: $40.45 plus tax.

Rubbing alcohol: $2.29

Nivea Lip Balm (or empty jar): $2.49

Bag of cotton pads: $1.99

Small mixing bowl (purchased in a set): $5.99

Spoon: $1.34

Zip-loc bag (purchased in box): $4.40

Smashbox Primer (travel size, as shown): $15.00

Limited Edition Oreo Minis: $6.95

But the cost of drugstore mascara...... $6.99.

Not worrying if you're gonna go blind from an alcoholic Oreo being millimeters from your eye? Priceless.