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Would You Use Your Pee To Get Rid Of Acne? 'Cause It Might Work.

Urine for a surprise.

Believe it or not, urine is the hottest new beauty trend:

Pee is having a beauty moment this year. Yes, pee.

Women are using it as spot treatment for acne. Reports the Telegraph: “It’s really good for sorting out spots. You just put some wee on a cotton pad and then press it against the spot for a bit. It dries it out. It works better than Sudocrem, or Aspirin.”

Wait, what?

The science behind this idea isn't totally bogus... urea, a component of urine, actually has a long history in beauty.

Urine was the main ingredient in mouthwash until the 18th century, actually.

Nowadays, you can find urea (a component of urine, but not, you know, your actual pee) in a lot of beauty products.

Urea found in skincare products is highly concentrated: skincare products will have 10-15% concentrations of urea, and your urine will have less than even 5%. So, basically, if you want the perks of pee, your pee isn't even the best option.

Besides: the urea found in cosmetics is synthesized, NOT animal derived.

This Maybelline concealer contains urea, in case you were wondering which products you have that might.

This Clinique BB Cream contains urea, too.

Instead of using a q-tip drenched in home-made urea, you could also pay money to be able to do that.

If you trust celebrity endorsements, Madonna apparently pees on her feet to prevent athlete's foot....