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21 Obscenely Pretty Beauty Products That Should Be In A Museum

Put the palette next to the Picasso.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. These Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palettes should be in MoMA.


I need them. They will never, ever touch my face (and ruin that perfection?!), but I would consider framing them.

2. Paul & Joe Lipsticks, or the best artistic pairing of cat lady life and glamour the world has ever seen? Both.

These particular cat ones aren't available anymore, but they're constantly coming out with beautiful lipstick like this one.

3. Ladurée makes the whole "rose blush" literal, and I live for it.

How on earth could you ever touch it?

4. A hand spun black wisteria handle? Spun by gods, probably.

This NARS Kabuki Brush is softer than a baby's butt and does a phenomenal job at contouring and diffusing color throughout your face. It's also probably the best addition to any high fashion goth girl's makeup vanity, purely because I MEAN LOOK AT IT.

5. This Armani blush palette is a thing of fairytale beauty.


Of course, it was a limited edition Holiday release, so now it will just haunt my sugarplum dreams.

6. Your favorite celebrities probably wear MAC. Now you can wear your favorite celebrities in MAC form.


The makeup artist and straight up artist May Sum sculpts people using all kinds of beauty products. You can even buy them directly from her etsy shop.

7. Sum even collaborated with Make Up For Ever on eyeshadow sculptures.

May Sum

8. If you wear this Stila pigment you're basically channeling Monet's Water Lilies.

Stila Cosmetics

Water Lilies, 1916-19 02

9. Brutalist sculpture slash blush brush.

The new Real Techniques line is stunningly beautiful, no?

10. I feel like these belong on Mulan's vanity, and I want them as much as I wanted to save China as a child.

11. Orange you amazed at this perfume packaging, too?

i spent at least five minutes trying to come up with a pun, please love me.

12. This vintage lipstick case by Louis Nichilo.

13. These Pupa Milano makeup kits are just more practical artwork.

Flickr: danielygo

Daniel Go

Pupa Haute Couture Dolls vary depending on if you're warm or cool toned.

14. These lipstick samplers are FIRE.

15. Ted Noten's makeup guns.

16. Salvador Dali did dabble in perfume, too.


These are actually in a museum already! And you can buy your own for not much money.

17. It's like a music box, but with makeup! Which makes it better.


This is an old Limited Edition PUPA palette -- it originally came out in 1983 but was re-released in 2009.

18. Christian Louboutin nail polish, for the brutalist artist type.

Christian Louboutin / Via

19. This Chanel Illuminating Powder has the most intricate lacework I've seen on a palette, ever.



I'm speculating that it is directly based off lace featured in their runway collections. I'm not the only one.

20. This terrifying/tacky hair dryer, via Etsy (naturally).


I refuse to make the obvious pun here.

21. Mily Makeup Liners, or the beginning of your own Matisse?

Luke Macgregor/Reuters