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16 Things To Wear In Public When You Hate Being Out In Public

Don't touch me. Don't even look at me.

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6. Already preordered my 3D-printed interactive spider robot dress for those cocktail parties I won't be attending!

Anouk Wipprecht / Via

It monitors your heart rate and attacks your enemies if they get too close. This would be a great Tinder date outfit option IMO.


8. Makeup is totally a means of self-expression. For example:

9. Cat eyes are def a weapon in the fight for our freedom.


11. For those that want to hide their beauty so scrubs don't try to speak to you on the train, this is the hoodie to use.

i-D / Via

Or it would just be great for hiding from your ex in the same train car because you never know.

12. This is the ideal look to be wearing when you're out with your girlfriend, honestly.

15. When in doubt, you can just do the tried and true combo of sunglasses and a hoodie. It always works.

Giphy / Via

Nothing says "do not speak to me, I am too cool and/or too hungover" than this combination of objects.

16. And lest we forget: the Snuggie, for the ultimate in comfort and secondhand embarrassment for all those around you.

My Snuggie Store / Via

Sure, they might stare at you in judgment. But at least 1% of that side-eye is DEEP ENVY because they aren't as comfortable as you are.