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13 Of The Worst Bath Bombs You Could Ever Try

The last meme of 2014 is a total bomb. (SORRY.)

1. Coming to a LUSH near you in Two Thousand and NEVER-ON-YOUR-LIFE.

Dirt bath bomb from my backyard literally made my life omg😍

2. It's honestly only a matter of time before Starbucks does this, actually.

OMG I am LOVING this basic white girl bath bomb from Lush 😍🙌👌🎀👑👸

3. If only this was how life worked.

4. Cannibals! Rejoice!

I love the new chicken flavored bath bomb 😍

5. This is a yeast infection waiting to happen, people.

6. For the musically inclined.

When ya girl ask for a bath bomb but you gotta promote that mixtape

7. For that bokeh filter experience in your bath tub.

When your mom won't buy you a lush bath bomb but you want to look hipster.

8. No.

My New Bath Bomb! 😍❤️💣

9. Also no.

love my bath bomb😍🛀✨🌀


I love my new bath bomb from lush! 💕😍💕

11. Okay, but I can almost 30% condone this.

I loved this bath bomb. it smelt the best

12. Really appreciating the artistic step up here actually.


13. For the vegetarians.

IDK about you, but Oprah and I are gonna stick to bubbles.