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13 Emotions Everyone Experiences In Sephora

I spent how much now?

There are literally walls of lipstick. SO MUCH LIPSTICK. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT.

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Other people may not be so excited.

Even just friends — the terror and resignation in their's delicious.

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When they ARE supportive, they still aren't always in the know...

I could have gotten closer to VIB Rouge...

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Time to die.

Sometimes you go in there for help...

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And you just get overwhelmed. My foundation shade is what? What on earth is a skin type? This bottle is the size of my thumb! Why is it $80! I'm scared! I want to go home!

Every time you go in for a foundation match, you get a different result.

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Is my face ten thousand shades? Will I ever discover the One (true match for my skin tone)?

And sometimes you just see tragedies play out right in front of you.

The sanitizer is RIGHT THERE, people.

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This happens every time.


But like, fine, I surrender.

You're willing to spend way more at Sephora than you normally would for some reason.

Go in for a new face mask. Leave with face mask, new moisturizer, lipstick, debt that makes your skin crawl.

The holidays are always the best part of the year: if not for family, then for HOLIDAY MAKEUP SETS.

On the bright side, your friends can always tell where you've been without having to ask.

And at the end of the day, it's the little things in life that make you happiest.

Honestly, the habit has been life-changing in some ways.

Going incognito offers an entirely different experience...

You just can't stay away.


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