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Would You Survive If "Squid Game" Was Based In India?

No one is your gganbu when it comes to Ludo.

If you have been on the internet during the past few weeks or if you've simply been existing, chances are that you have heard of the global phenomenon that is "Squid Game".

A group of people from "Squid Game" wearing jumper suits and helmets with different shapes and standing together.

The Korean dystopian drama, which is now the most-watched series on Netflix, is based on the premise of people playing games, which are a homage to typical childhood games from Korean culture, to win a HUGE amount of money. In this case, you either win or you (literally) die.

The show for the most part (can't stress this enough) is bleak, but it did get everyone on the internet imagining what childhood games would be included if it was based in their home country. So, like a curious cat, I want to know if you think you'll be able to make it out of the game if it was based in India. Let's find out through this poll!

The doll from "Squid Game" wearing a frock with pony tail on each side looking to the camera. There is a tree where the doll is resting her one hand.