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    23 Hilarious Memes That Kept Us ROFL-ing From Sehri To Iftaar

    Eid Mubarak!

    1. When midnight snacks get an upgrade and become a whole meal.

    2. Me to myself, looking at food all day: "You can't touch this".

    3. This excruciating wait.

    Halal Humour / Via Facebook: halalhumour

    5. When it's time to be creative.

    7. The sneaky ones in every family.

    Facebook: halalhumour

    10. When it's time to be extra careful.

    When it’s Ramadan and you accidentally accept cookies from a website

    12. Expectations vs reality.

    14. Here's a reminder that patience is virtue.

    15. Why do my waterbending skills disappear when I need them the most?

    Facebook: halalhumour

    17. This example of sabr.

    18. When you and time become one.

    19. This irrefutable fact.

    20. Don't be shy. You know who you are.

    I know what Ramadan is my dad used to...

    21. No arguments here.

    rooh afza after getting moved from the shelves at the back of the store to the front display during ramzan

    Twitter: @lqfabrayy

    22. Our moms promising to keep our Eidi "safe" is why we have trust issues.

    23. And this gentle reminder.

    Don't do it! 😂😂🙈🙈 #ramadanproblems #ramadanmemes

    Twitter: @HaniLee1