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    26 Indian Ad Jingles That Are WAY Catchier Than Most Bollywood Songs Released Today

    If only I remembered my syllabus as well as I remember the lyrics to Vicco Vajradanti.

    When it comes to catchy tunes, anyone who grew up during the 90s or early 2000s remembers that Bollywood wasn't the only one that made excellent music that you couldn't stop humming along to. To that end, here is a list of some wonderful ad jingles from India that will make you supremely nostalgic!

    1. Googly woogly wooksh — Ponds

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    Rajiv Jadhav / Via

    These ads were simply adorable!

    2. Dil maange more — Pepsi

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    fatinillya1 / Via

    A charming Shah Rukh, a glamorous Rani, a fiery Kajol, and a baby Shahid Kapoor — this Pepsi ad really had everything our hearts could want, and more. 

    3. Vicco turmeric nahi cosmetic - Vicco

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    Vivek Kamat / Via

    I might not remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, but I can still sing this ad jingle without missing a word. 

    4. Vicco vajradanti — Vicco

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    Vicco Labs / Via

    Another gem from Vicco Labs, they even made a newer rendition of the song featuring Alia Bhatt, in 2020.

    5. Aya naya ujala — Ujala

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    Ajay Bhatia / Via

    Thanks to this song, we will never have to read the label for instructions.

    6. Dil titli sa — Airtel

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    airteldth1 / Via

    A childhood love story with a twist at the end, told through Atif Aslam's voice. You really can't ask for more! Can you?

    7. Kya aap Close-Up karte hain — Close-Up

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    Tapas Relia / Via

    This song still puts a grin on my face, every time I hear it. Bonus points if you recognise Mugdha Godse in the frame.

    Oh and how could I possibly forget about the other Close-Up ad that practically launched Deepika Padukone's career?

    8. Asli masale sach sach — MDH

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    MDH Spices Ltd. / Via

    The ad features one of the most iconic elderly gentlemen in India, who is also the founder of MDH Masala. The name is still a household favourite and the success is partly owed to this catchy tune that you can't resist but hum, every time you open a packet of masala.

    9. Badshah masala — Badshah Masala

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    don Juzar Ali Kankroli / Via

    An ad jingle that can make you memorise a brand's entire product catalogue? That's just iconic behaviour!

    10. Washing powder Nirma — Nirma

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    Kailash Surendranath / Via

    Women embracing different roles in society, accompanied by a funky disco-themed song — this ad was way ahead of its time!

    11. The morning song — NESCAFÉ

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    NESCAFÉ India / Via

    NESCAFÉ has always been creative with its ads but this song by Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy makes us want to add it to our playlist right away!

    12. Happy to Help — Vodafone

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    Nirvana Films / Via

    Remember how this ad was directly responsible for an increase in the number of pug adoptions across the country? The soulful and cheery background score, with the beautiful portrayal of the friendship between a kid and his furry friend never failed to make us go, "awwwwww". 

    And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Hutch's, "You and I, in this beautiful world."

    13. Kuch khaas hai — Cadbury Dairy Milk

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    CadburyDairyMilkIn / Via

    Sung by Shankar Mahadevan in 1994, the melodious song can give any chart-topper a run for its money. This ad was re-released in 2021 with the roles of the characters reversed, but with the same song, proving the country's immense love for the tune. 

    14. Airtel's brand tune

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    airtel India / Via

    Who better than the music maestro A. R. Rahman to compose a tune for your brand that, even after so many years, continues to live in our minds, rent-free.

    15. Honey Bunny — Idea

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    Idea / Via

    The song still makes us feel something-something with its quirky lyrics and music.

    16. Oye Bubbly — Pepsi

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    Ankit Sharma / Via

    Some of Pepsi's most memorable ads came out of their collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan and they, undoubtedly, still feel refreshing. Yeh pyaas, indeed, hai badi.

    17. Docomo — Tata Docomo

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    Micu Patel / Via

    Docomo, now defunct, might be a network that is not remembered by many, but this beautiful acapella tune used to appear during cricket matches and is something that still feels fresh in our memories.

    18. Aaya mausam thande thande Dermicool ka — Dermicool

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    Study With Fun / Via

    Dermicool and summers are synonymous for anyone who grew up in India, and this ad captures that perfectly. 

    19. Mero gaam katha parey (1976) — Amul

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    Amul / Via

    The ad captures the story of the White Revolution in India, featuring the title song of the National Award-winning film Manthan, which documented Amul's model of co-operatives. 

    20. Mero gaam katha parey (2012) — Amul

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    AmulManthan / Via

    Maintaining the essence of the original song, the modern rendition was sung by the powerhouse that is Sunidhi Chauhan and is enough to keep you hooked. 

    21. Saundarya sabun Nirma — Nirma

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    TheRonakGroup / Via

    The ageless beauty of the OG "it girl", Sonali Bendre, combined with Hariharan and Kavita Krishnamurthy's voices, will keep you watching this ad on loop. Totally based on true events.

    22. Jab ghar ki raunak badhani ho — Nerolac

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    Uzer Khan / Via

    This relatively modern rendition of the original "Jab ghar ki raunak badhani ho", still retained the classic message, but with a colourful tune — quite literally. 

    23. Har ek friend zaroori hota hai — Airtel

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    airtel India / Via

    The song essentially sums up true friendships and will make you want to text your old friends. 

    24. Hamara Bajaj — Bajaj Auto

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    shesh9717 / Via

    One of the fondest memories people have is that of learning to ride their first scooty. This ad, with its incredibly sincere tunes and lyrics, connects with those emotions. 

    25. The Blackberry Boys — Vodafone

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    Vodafone / Via

    Before the world had BTS, we had The Blackberry Boys. 

    26. Jo mera hai wo tera hai, jo tera hai wo mera — Airtel

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    airtel India / Via

    Airtel predicted the future of online communication and friendships with the line, "Internet hai toh friendship hai", almost 10 years ago. 

    How many of these jingles do you fondly remember? Did I miss out on any? Let me know in the comments!