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    18 Memes That'll Make All "Khichdi" Fans ROFL And Take Them Back To The Good Old Days

    Main toh hass hass ke thakk gaya bhaisaab!

    1. Girlboss era's over. Girl just needs to rest.

    2. Hansa speaks to my soul tbh.

    3. She somehow ALWAYS does.

    4. Hansa would've defeated Thanos in a snap!

    5. She'd also make an amazing professor.

    6. Praful walked so that Khaby could run.

    7. Praful, our self-aware king.

    8. And our in-house expert at everything!

    9. Praful be like, "A win is a win".

    10. There really is no difference!

    11. OTP for real!

    12. Himanshu>>>>>

    13. Surveillance who?

    14. Not society making a Khichdi out of our mental health.

    15. It's me, hi, I'm the problem it's me!

    16. Truer words have never been spoken.

    17. This is your sign to go watch the masterpiece!

    18. And finally, don't we all wish to go back to this era of TV?