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Which Christman Drive House Are You?

Shoutout to the 32-'s

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  1. What are you doing on a Thursday night?

    Wing night at Frank's
    Thirsty Thursday on the Square
    Chel Tourney
    Swayze games
    Pick-up basketball (CAUTION)
  2. Recruits are in town for the weekend. What's your plans?

    Disappear (F*** the recruits)
    Host a pregame, then go out (F*** the recruits)
    Try going to the party despite the bad turn out (they are only 17 after all)
  3. Pick a drink.

    Whiskey sour
    Natty Light
    Jager bombs
    Cranberry Vodka
  4. You are most likely to get busted for...

    Throwing a party
    Playing music too loud
    Public intoxication
    Destruction of property
    Smoking weed
  5. What would you play at the late night if you were handed the AUX cord

    Anything Drake
    Popular oldies songs
    You don't play any music
  6. Smoking, Drinking, and taking Adderall. Choose one to go without.

  7. Wardrobe of choice for social outings

    Sports jerseys
    Hawiian shirts
    Flannels & skinny jeans
    Tee shirt & jeans
  8. Biggest pet peeve regarding the house

    People coming over when you or your roommates aren't home
    Leaving the front door open
    When it gets too messy
    People staying over too late
    Too many people in the house
    People insisting that you host the party
  9. Which best describes your typical night after getting home from the Square?

    Trashed, but continues to drink
    House hopping on Christman to keep the party going
    Going to bed
    Passing out in the yard
    Having chill conversations with everyone on the couch
    Bringing someone home/leaving with someone

Which Christman Drive House Are You?

You got: 321

You're the black sheep of the 32-'s. You still know how to have a good time, but on your own terms. Guest friendly, 321 is a put together environment but is strictly business during the weekdays. Although different, 321 is still a key asset of Christman Drive.

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You got: 323

You're the "go to" of the trio. The king of wtf moments. No plans? No problem, you can always expect something going on at 323. Just be prepared for something to break or fly through the window. 323 is the life of the party, down for anything, and welcomes everyone.

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You got: 325

The perfect mix! Some things are off limits, but when you're down for a good time, you're DOWN. A melting pot of business and illegal activities, you'll either walk into an empty house or a wild pregame. Either way, there's always room for a drunk straggler. 325 is the house for all walks of life and all personalities.

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