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    • apurvap2

      There can be no reason for a woman being mistreated, not poverty, not lack of education, not anything in this world. We are human beings, we must treat another human being, irrespective of gender, with respect. To put forward reasons like poverty, lack of education, social stigma and what not as the reasons for domestic violence makes the case weaker. There is no need to be rich or educated to be a good person. At least that is what I feel! I would love for Indian women to be treated as equals in the society because they are the reason why life has a tender angle and companionship and relationships seem more worthy and beautiful. We worship Goddesses like Saraswati, Lakshmi, Durga because they are the manifestation of the power hidden in every woman. In a way even an uneducated woman knows how much milk her infant needs, that makes her Saraswati, a poor woman saves for her family and spends whatever money she has when needed, that makes her Lakshmi of the house, the beholder of money, even the weakest of women stands to fight when her family is in danger, that makes her Durga. This is what we worship.

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