• Google

    Search for Helvetica. You may be surprised by what you see! Haha lol!

  • YouTube

    Today, they bring you the Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911.

  • Urlesque

    It might just be my aging eyes, but something seems different about the spelling over there today.

  • Funny Or Die

    Everyone’s favorite new pop sensation has taken over Funny Or Die — and it’s Friday, too, which is fitting. Yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow is Saturday, etc.

  • Hulu

    Welcome back to the ’90s!

  • Gmail

    Try out the new Gmail Motion! It’s like Xbox Kinect for your emails.

  • Post-PC Mag

    From PC Mag, it’s the first magazine for the post-PC world we’re all living (?) in.

  • Google Job: Autocompleter

    You didn’t think computers did all that work, did you?

  • The Chive

    It’s now a food blog — for today, at least.

  • The Sun

    Marshmallow assault? Hmm. Sounds suspicious.

  • Think Geek:

  • Angry Birds Pork Rinds

    Delicious, made from dead pigs. It makes sense.

  • Playmobil Apple Store

    Includes tiny Steve Jobs!

  • Comic Sans Pro

    Finally, a Comic Sans upgrade!

  • Improv Everywhere

    Don’t get on that subway car, Jar Jar.

  • Harry Potter Show On FX

  • Adventure Time Canceled

    If only the cancellation of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack had also been a prank. :(

  • AskMen

    With an App and the AskMen site, you can now engage another sense on the web: Smell.

  • Starbucks

    Finally! Mobile coffee!

  • Know Your Meme

    Nic Cage really is everybody.

  • Living Social

    What a great deal! Salami on your face!

  • Whole Foods

    Free-range insects are big for 2011. Or so I hear.

  • Someecards

    What a deal!

  • Fora.tv

    Just what we needed.