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April Fools Prank Watch, 2011

Every year has an April 1st, and every April 1st brings out the fools. But we bring you the TRUTH. This year's spectrum of April Fools pranks run from site takeovers to subtle font changes. We'll catalog them all here -- and add others you see in the comments below.

  • Google

    Search for Helvetica. You may be surprised by what you see! Haha lol!

  • YouTube

    Today, they bring you the Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911.

  • Urlesque

    It might just be my aging eyes, but something seems different about the spelling over there today.

  • Funny Or Die

    Everyone's favorite new pop sensation has taken over Funny Or Die -- and it's Friday, too, which is fitting. Yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow is Saturday, etc.

  • Hulu

    Welcome back to the '90s!

  • Gmail

    Try out the new Gmail Motion! It's like Xbox Kinect for your emails.

  • Post-PC Mag

    From PC Mag, it's the first magazine for the post-PC world we're all living (?) in.

  • Google Job: Autocompleter

    You didn't think computers did all that work, did you?

  • The Chive

    It's now a food blog -- for today, at least.

  • The Sun

    Marshmallow assault? Hmm. Sounds suspicious.

  • Think Geek:

  • Angry Birds Pork Rinds

    Delicious, made from dead pigs. It makes sense.

  • Playmobil Apple Store

    Includes tiny Steve Jobs!

  • Comic Sans Pro

    Finally, a Comic Sans upgrade!

  • Improv Everywhere

    Don't get on that subway car, Jar Jar.

  • Harry Potter Show On FX

  • Adventure Time Canceled

    If only the cancellation of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack had also been a prank. :(

  • AskMen

    With an App and the AskMen site, you can now engage another sense on the web: Smell.

  • Starbucks

    Finally! Mobile coffee!

  • Know Your Meme

    Nic Cage really is everybody.

  • Living Social

    What a great deal! Salami on your face!

  • Whole Foods

    Free-range insects are big for 2011. Or so I hear.

  • Someecards

    What a deal!


    Just what we needed.

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