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9 Disgusting Things All Mums End Up Doing

It’s an unspoken truth that you'll start doing some pretty gross stuff once you become a mother. As a mother of two children under five, I’ve learned there is no way to avoid the down and dirty and to just embrace it as a necessary part of motherhood. We do it out of love for our kids, and let’s face it. Who else it going to do it? Here are 10 of the grossest thing which most mothers will do (including me) -

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1. Finish The Half Eaten Food From Your Kids Plate

Kids are picky little creatures, especially when it comes to what they eat. They take two bites and then they’re full. You can’t really let that grilled cheese cut into triangles go to waste.

9. Finding a milk filled sippy under the couch while cleaning your house

If you can’t remember the last time you saw that cup, toss it. TRUST ME!

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