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Zedd Says Working With Kesha Is Like "Therapy"

The world famous DJ talks about his life and new documentary.

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Before the premiere of his new documentary True Colors, BuzzFeed chatted with Zedd about his inspiration, working with Kesha, and how to properly use Snapchat.

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True Colors follows Zedd's life, with interviews from his friends and family, and also gives viewers an inside look into the listening parties for his latest album.

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"The idea was to do something for my [core] fans," he explained. "The cool thing about this documentary is it’s for people who weren’t able to get in and see all of the fun stuff we’ve done but still feel like they were a part of it. It’s a good summary even for people who went to revisit the experience."

The title track to the album, "True Colors" is about "show[ing] the world who you really are." Zedd re-released the song with Kesha and said "by flipping a couple of words in the song, we made it extremely personal to [her] and her story."


He added: "When Kesha and I started working on that song, I never thought we would be able to release it because of the situation she’s in. But we just wanted to make music. It feels good to do that as a musician. It’s like therapy."

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When they performed the song together at Coachella, Zedd said it gave him "goosebumps."

"It was a really powerful moment."

Head over to to find out more and watch the trailer below!

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