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25 Songs That Might Be Sadder Than "Hello"

In case you wanted more reasons to cry in the dark

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1. Jack Garratt, "Weathered"

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Echoing harmonies and soaring arrangements. It's the lyrics that really hit home as well Jack Garratt's impeccable delivery.

Reason to cry: getting old is sad.

2. Shamir, "Darker"

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Truthful, honest, and stripped down from the Ratchet king, Shamir.

Reason to cry: your state of mind is sad.

3. Ryn Weaver, "Traveling Song"

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A tribute to her grandfather, "Traveling Song" is a raw and stand out track from alt-pop star, Ryn Weaver.

Reason to cry: death is sad.

4. Sufjan Stevens, "The Only Thing"

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There's almost nothing sadder than an Adele song...unless it's a Sufjan Stevens song. "The Only Thing" is about him connecting with his mother by imitating her destructive behavior.

Reason to cry: It's Sufjan Stevens.


5. Seinabo Sey, "Poetic"

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The Swedish singer is all about turning her self-doubt into inspiration. "Poetic" help finds the hope in the darkest of situations.

Reason to cry: unrequited love is sad.

8. Aurora, "Half The World Away"

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A cover of the Oasis song, Aurora takes "Half The World Away" from optimistic to bleak and oddly dreamy.

Reason to cry: moving on is sad.


11. Låpsley, "Hurt Me"

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Through lush production, Låpsley's vulnerability still shines through.

Reason to cry: pain is sad.

12. SOAK, "Sea Creatures"

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Musical prodigy SOAK has a knack for articulating the pains of being a teenager with the vernacular of an adult.

Reason to cry: growing up is sad.


13. Jarryd James, "This Time (Serious Symptoms, Simple Solutions)"

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Australian singer Jarryd James aims straight for the feels with this love song about how no matter just can't ever win.

Reason to cry: losing is sad.

15. James Bay, "Let It Go"

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There's nothing worse than trying to latch onto something that needs to be set free. With a simple arrangement and elegant vocals, James Bay's "Let It Go" perfectly bottles up those emotions.

Reason to cry: holding on is sad.

16. Tobias Jesso Jr., "Without You"

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Of course, the guy who helped Adele with "When We Were Young" has a stocked supply of sad. Featuring Danielle Haim on drums, "Without You" is reminiscent of an school piano ballad that'll bring on the tears.

Reason to cry: the unknown is sad.


17. Wet, "Weak"

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New York band Wet is really, really great at making music that makes you swoon. Soft and gentle, "Weak" has beautiful arrangements and simple production that'll make you...well, weak.

Reason to cry: having feelings is sad.

18. Cloves, "Don't You Wait"

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You know what sucks more than falling in love? Falling in love for the first time. 19-year-old Cloves let's her voice float across "Don't You Wait" and you feel every single word she sings.

Reason to cry: waiting is sad.

19. Years & Years, "Memo"

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Usually associated with electro-pop dance tracks, British band "Years & Years" still know how to bring how on the sads with the slow jam "Memo". Wanting more out of a relationship is #relatable and Olly Alexander is the perfect voice box for it.

Reason to cry: uncertainty is sad.

20. Wolf Alice, "Bros"

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Your best friend is the most relationship you'll ever have. Wolf Alice's "Bros" looks back fondly on those carefree times with that irreplaceable person.

Reason to cry: nostalgia is sad.


21. Jamie xx (ft. Romy), "Loud Places"

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The definition of atmospheric, Jamie xx with the help of singer Romy paint a picture of someone searching for noise to drown out their sadness.

Reason to cry: loneliness is sad.

23. Courtney Barnett, "Boxing Day Blues"

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Nothing is sadder than watching a relationship finally reach it's end. Australian singer Courtney Barnett is one of the best at communicating raw emotion and "Boxing Day Blues" is no exception.

Reason to cry: the end is sad.

25. Gavin James, "The Book Of Love"

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Originally sung by The Magnetic Fields, Irish singer Gavin James takes the classic song and makes it his own in this equally heartbreaking cover.

Reason to cry: love is sad.