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    21 '90s Pins That Are The Ultimate Throwback

    These pins will be there for you.

    1. This Saved By The Bell pin to give yourself a Zack Attack.

    2. This Furby pin that luckily doesn't say anything.

    3. These Ross and Rachel pins that will never be on a break.

    4. This All That logo pin for all your Vital Information.

    5. This HIM from The Powerpuff Girls for when you're feeling slightly evil.

    6. This Patty Mayonnaise pin because...obviously.

    7. A Tamagotchi pin that you don't have to keep alive.

    8. A Clarissa Explains It All pin to honor your style icon.

    9. This Doodlebob pin for when you're feeling sketchy.

    10. This Ring Pop pin for when you want to put a temporary ring on it.

    11. This Space Jam pin that will make you believe you can fly.

    12. This Reptar cereal pin to start your day off right.

    13. The ultimate heartthrob pin that you'll never let go.

    14. These pins to remind you when MTV actually played music.

    15. This pin for when you used to call me on my landline.

    16. This Rugrats logo pin for when a baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do.

    17. This smiley face pin to stick on when you don't want put on one yourself.

    18. This awesome mashup pin.

    19. A pin for what you're really thinking.

    20. This pin to remember how uncomfortable these actually were.

    21. The definitive symbol of everything.