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16 Musicians Who Are Extremely Underrated

Here's who should be taking over the music world.

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1. Rationale

Warner Bros

Who he is: London-based singer-producer extraordinaire.

Why you should listen: Already receiving the stamp of approval from the likes of Pharrell, Katy Perry, and Fall Out Boy, Rationale's music is poignant, impactful, and full of emotional integrity. There's an honesty that shines through in his work and his vocal power is something that demands attention. If anything, you should start now before he becomes too big for all of us.

Start with: "Something for Nothing"

2. Big Grams

Big Grams / Via Facebook: BigGramsMusic

Who they are: Supergroup composed of Big Boi and Phantogram.

Why you should listen: The project of Big Grams came to be in 2012 for both artists to essentially escape the barriers that their respective genres would normally hold them in. Phantogram lead singer Sarah Barthel and Big Boi trade off on vocal leads and the result is the perfect mashup of both of their music styles. Big Grams is funky, smooth, dancey, synthy, and basically everything you could ever possibly want.

Start with: "Fell in the Sun"

3. Foxes

Press / Via

Who she is: English singer-songwriter.

Why you should listen: So Foxes isn't a new artist. She's been featured on Fall Out Boy's "Just One Yesterday" and on Zedd's Grammy-winning "Clarity," but on her own merits she hasn't got the accolades that she truly deserves, especially in the States. She's got the face and vocal talent to become of the world's biggest pop stars. And she absolutely should be. Period.

Start with: "Better Love"

4. Muna

MUNA / Via Facebook: whereismuna

Who they are: Dark pop trio from Los Angeles.

Why you should listen: Muna are just doing everything right. They've got the perfect amount of '80s flavor with catchy hooks that'll make you dance and lyrics that'll make you cry. They all identify as queer and are advocating for representation by not letting their sexualities define who they are. Their message is loud and clear and it's being amplified with some of the best pop music out right now, and they're 100% doing it on their own.

Start with: "Loudspeaker"


5. Ella Eyre

Virgin EMI

Who she is: Singer from London.

Why you should listen: Ella Eyre has made a name for herself in the UK but hasn't made that leap across the pond quite yet. Her vocals are incredibly powerful and her songs are filled with raw emotion and female empowerment. She also has arguably the best hair in the biz.

Start with: "Comeback"

6. Holychild

HOLYCHILD / Via Facebook: holychildmusic

Who they are: Brat pop duo from Los Angeles.

Why you should listen: Liz and Louie have created their own style and genre of "brat pop" that calls out society's hypocrisy. Their music is frantic and thoughtful, and doesn't take itself too seriously, but they're changing the world one catchy pop tune at a time.

Start with: "Running Behind"

7. Raury

Columbia Records

Who he is: Soul, hip hop, and folk singer from Atlanta.

Why you should listen: Raury has essentially been groomed by the industry for years, in the best way possible. Plucked when he was 14, his debut album All We Need was released last year and it's an astonishing accomplishment in the progression of music today. He writes boundless songs with important social commentary and should be up there with the Kendrick Lamars of the world.

Start with: "Cigarette Song"

8. Kloe

Island Records

Who she is: Scottish pop singer.

Why you should listen: There are a lot of pop teens out there but very few of them embrace their youth like Kloe. She seamlessly floats across dark and moody tracks to vibrant party themes and perfectly captures what it's like to be a teen today.

Start with: "Teenage Craze"


9. Shura

Polydor Records

Who she is: English singer-songwriter and producer.

Why you should listen: Shura is properly doing '80s electronic music. Period. There's a groove and airiness to her music that is rooted in universal human experience. Her voice is subtly powerful; soft and sweet but it asserts itself in the stories it's weaving. Everything about her style and music is infectious and will be on heavy rotation from here on out.

Start with: "What's It Gonna Be"

10. Empress Of

Empress Of / Via Facebook: EmpressOf

Who she is: Alt-pop singer from Brooklyn.

Why you should listen: There's something straightforward and downright engaging about Empress Of. Her music is urgent, vital, and full of life. It's a release on multiple levels and it's hard not to dance away your insecurities while you listen.

Start with: "How Do You Do It"

11. To Kill a King

Debbie Scanlan / Via Facebook: tokillaking

Who they are: Folk group from the UK.

Why you should listen: To Kill a King are one of those bands that you least expect. With a few EPs and two albums under their belt, they're extremely under-appreciated even in their home country. Their songs connect to your soul and never lose that integrity. They push the boundaries within their genre and are never afraid to step outside of it. TKAK are one of the few unique folk voices in the industry.

Start with: "Funeral"

12. Låpsley

XL Recordings

Who she is: Vocalist from Liverpool.

Why you should listen: Låpsley sings from her core. Using songwriting as therapy, she thinks outwardly about the ins and outs of the human condition and how we react to our surroundings. With a powerful voice that transcends any genre, it's really her use of production that elevates her above most of her peers.

Start with: "Love Is Blind"


13. Nao

NAO / Via Facebook: thisnao

Who she is: UK based singer.

Why you should listen: With a sugary sweet voice that packs a punch, Nao is one of those artists who are pushing forth an exciting new era of R&B and soul. Her personality and stage presence are as infectious as her voice, and her energy is unmatched.

Start with: "Fool to Love"

14. Angel Haze

Angel Haze / Via Facebook: AngelHazemusic

Who they are: L.A.-based rapper.

Why you should listen: There are very few people out there as inspiring as Angel Haze. They have a zero fucks attitude that is to be admired and their skills as a rapper are perhaps unprecedented. There's anger, power, love, and truth in every word, and they should be taking over the world.

Start with: "New York"

15. Grizfolk

Gregory Nolan / Via Facebook: grizfolk

Who they are: Alt-rock band from Los Angeles and Sweden.

Why you should listen: Honestly, Grizfolk are better than you would ever expect them to be. They subtly blend together Americana with electronic trends that make them undeniably unique. There's a simplicity to their music that is appreciated especially in today's landscape.

Start with: "Hymnals"

16. Seinabo Sey

Seinabo Sey / Via Facebook: seinabosey

Who she is: Singer from Sweden.

Why you should listen: I cannot say enough wonderful things about Seinabo Sey. There is no one else like her right now. She's very calm and collected in her demeanor, almost like she's not even trying when she performs. Her songs are honest and vulnerable and she is very open about her insecurities. Seinabo has an indescribable beauty that is ambitious and is the direction pop should go.

Start with: "Poetic"