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18 Reasons Why Baths Are Better Than Showers


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1. First off, they're relaxing as fuck.

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You can light some candles, turn down lights, add some bubbles. What doesn't sound great about that?

2. They can help fix some skin or muscle issues you may have.


You can add anything to your bath water to enhance your experience. Got sore muscles? Add epsom salt. Got skin issues? Add some milk to moisturize. BOOM.

3. They're actually BETTER for your skin.

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Showers can dry you out but baths let your pores soak up any moisture it might need.

4. Two words: BATH BOMBS.

Any excuse to go to Lush really.

5. One more word: accessories.

Kinako papa / Via

I dare you not to be happy with a rubber ducky and some bubbles. Seriously.

6. "But you're sitting in your own filth." Actually, you're not.


Dirt tends to settle away from skin and people aren't actually *that* dirty so the amount of dirt in your bath is very minuscule. And by soaking, you're actually getting all of your dead skin cells off of you. So in a way you're getting cleaner.

7. Plus, unless you're washing your shower daily, that dirt is still there so...

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Mold, mildew...ew.

8. Baths also have huge health benefits.


According to this study, taking a hot bath will lower your blood sugar levels by 10%. And it also lowers glucose levels. It's like exercising but you're lying down and getting clean.

9. You can listen to music without all that shower noise.

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Being able to listen to music without any other distractions is the absolute best and getting clean in the process is a bonus.

10. In fact, you can do MULTIPLE things at the SAME TIME.


In addition to music, you can drink while taking a bath! Eat while taking a bath! Read a book (carefully) while taking a bath! The possibilities for multi-tasking are endless. Just make sure it doesn't involve anything electric and you're golden.

11. Because you're more relaxed, you can sleep better or start the day off less stressed out.


12. The risk of slipping and falling is slim because, well, you're already lying down.


13. They're perfect for lazy people.


Why would you choose to stand up when there's the option of lying down?

14. They make you less lonely.


No, really. There was a study on it.

15. You can take a bath anywhere.


There's always a body of water somewhere for you to get clean if you really needed to.

16. Bath wine > shower beer

Comedy Central

17. You deserve it.

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Showers feel like you have to take them. A bath is a treat. And honestly, you should treat yourself more often.

18. Most importantly, you can avoid this situation.

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Happy bathing!


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