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99 “Twin Peaks” Facts That Will Blow Your Effing Mind

"My log has something to tell you."

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2. And, for some unexplained reason, Laura Palmer's photo in the show is DIFFERENT in the feature film Fire Walk With Me.

Kimberly Wright / ABC / New Line Cinema

If you look closely, you can see she's looking to her left in the movie version.

4. And the title may have been changed because of composer Angelo Badalementi.

When Lynch told him the title of the show, Badalemnti remarked, "David, that's something I read when I was in grammar school. You can't use that title!" Not much longer after that, the show became Twin Peaks.


5. For budgetary reasons, after shooting the pilot in Washington, the rest of the show had to be filmed in Los Angeles.

The town of Twin Peaks actually had to be re-created and built as sets in Van Nuys, California, while many of the exteriors were filmed in Malibu Canyon.

7. And for Season 2, they filmed two different reveals of Laura Palmer's killer.

They wanted to keep the killer's true identity a complete secret, even from cast and crew.


9. And the phony scripts had all kinds of "warnings" on them.

Things like: "This is the conclusion of the show," "Here's the killer," "Don't share this with your friend," Destroy after [reading]," and "Don't leave it anywhere."

11. However, the question is actually answered in a deleted scene from the prequel film Fire Walk With Me.

New Line Cinema

In the recently released Blu-ray special features, we get to see Annie out of the Black Lodge and in the hospital. The REAL Agent Cooper, on the other hand...

12. Bob (and essentially the entire mythology of the show) was a complete accident.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / ABC

Frank Silva, who ended up playing Bob, was actually the set designer. At the end of the very first episode when Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) gets spooked by ~something~, Silva can be seen in the mirror behind her — which was a TOTAL accident. However, Lynch really liked that creepy ~image~ and decided Silva should become a part of the cast.


13. The flickering light when the "R" is being removed from under Laura Palmer's fingernail was totally accidental — there was literally just a problem with the light on set.


But true to Lynch form, he said, "I like that Ron (the director of photography)! Can you do that all the time?" Hence, why there are always flickering lights on the show.

15. The chevron pattern on the Black Lodge floor is also in David Lynch's first feature film, Eraserhead.

16. And Jack Nance, who plays Pete Martell, was the lead in Eraserhead.

ABC, AFI/Libra Films

He also acted in almost every other Lynch project (until his death) including Dune, Blue Velvet, The Cowboy and the Frenchman, Wild at Heart, and Lost Highway.


20. And Audrey's iconic shoes were actually painted Oxfords – Lynch had wanted real saddle shoes, but no one could find them (in the area).


If you notice, the colors on Audrey's shoes are reversed to the ~real~ saddle shoes on the right.


21. Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Cooper) was the one who squashed all of our Dale-Audrey shipping dreams.


MacLachlan pushed against the planned romance between Dale and Audrey, saying that Audrey, who was supposed to be 18, was too young for him.

23. Audrey wasn't in the Miss Twin Peaks fashion show because Fenn straight-up didn't like the storyline.


The compromise for at least having her in the scene was to have Audrey make an announcement for her dad.

24. Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) was just a local theater actress in Washington when she landed her iconic part on the show.

As was Wendy Robie (Nadine Hurley).


26. And the character is a nod to Alfred Hitchcock's iconic film Vertigo.

Paramount Pictures

The brunette cousin of Laura Palmer takes her first name from Kim Novak's character (Madeleine) and her last name from James Stewart's character (John Ferguson). Novak also played both a blonde and brunette in Vertigo.

27. Maddy is also from Missoula, Montana, which is where David Lynch is originally from.

28. Sheryl Lee and David Lynch had even talked about there being a THIRD character for her to play.


Lee said, "Laura had died and I had come back and Maddy had died, so it was kind of like, 'Let's see what happens.'"


29. The conspiracies surrounding Marilyn Monroe's death influenced the show.

United Artists

Co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost were originally working on a film adaptation of Goddess, a biography of Monroe. But since they couldn't get the rights, they started working on Twin Peaks. Both Laura and Monroe were blondes whose deaths had ~mysteries~ surrounding them. Laura dies after writing in her diary that she's going to reveal the affair she's having with Ben Horne, which people think parallels Monroe's alleged affair with President John F. Kennedy.

31. And he REALLY cut his hand in the scene where he dances with Laura's picture.


He described it as his "Apocalypse Now moment" — referring to Martin Sheen actually cutting his hand on a broken mirror in that movie.


34. Eric Da Re (Leo) is the son of Johanna Ray, who was the show's casting director (and a longtime Lynch collaborator).


Before being cast as Leo, he helped his mom cast all the other roles. Leo was the second-to-last major role to be cast.

35. Eileen Hayward (Donna's mom) is actually Emily and Zooey Deschanel's mom IRL...


38. Caleb was also one of the few people who actually knew the truth about who the killer was.

An assistant director called the Deschanels' house one night and left a message with Emily Deschanel about "Killer Bob" and she was "completely mystified and frightened by it."

39. Peggy Lipton, who played Norma Jennings, is Rashida Jones' mom.


45. Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy) was once David Lynch's driver.


Goaz first met David Lynch while driving him to a memorial tribute to Roy Orbison. It was from this meeting that Lynch decided to cast him as Deputy Andy Brennan.

46. Blue Velvet star (and David Lynch's former girlfriend) Isabella Rossellini was supposed to play the role of Josie Packard.


The character was supposed to be an Italian countess — but, due to time commitment issues Isabella could not officially sign on for the series.


49. And David Lynch's character Gordon Cole was named after a character in Sunset Boulevard.

ABC, Paramount Pictures

Sunset Boulevard is directed by Billy Wilder, who is one of David Lynch's favorite directors.

52. Steven Spielberg was going to direct the Season 2 premiere until David Lynch decided to do it himself.

When Mark Frost told David about the idea, Lynch said, "No, no. I think I'll direct the first one. Maybe he can direct later in the season."


55. Every episode directed by Lesli Linka Glatter has a convention taking place at the Great Northern hotel.


It became an ongoing gag since the first episode she directed (Season 1, Episode 6) there was an Icelandic "business junket" going on.


58. Michael J. Anderson (the Man From Another Place) actually knew how to speak backwards before being cast in the show – he learned how to do it as a kid.


Lynch had hired a coach to help learn how to speak backwards, but it turned out he didn't need one — and so Lynch wrote more complicated dialogue.


62. A Japanese company even tried to buy the log from her.

But she didn't sell it to them and she kept it until her death in 2015 (where it currently resides now remains a mystery).

63. Coulson was also Jack Nance's (Pete Martell) ex-wife in real life.


Jack Nance and Catherine Coulson were married from 1968 to 1976. In fact, the way he said "Caaaaatherine" in the show was the way he used to say it to her!


68. Annette McCarthy (Evelyn Marsh) was first introduced to Twin Peaks by a personal friend...director Steven Soderbergh.


He brought her and her then-husband a videotape of the show, telling them they HAD to watch it.


69. The scene where Evelyn and James are drinking champagne...well, they were REALLY drinking champagne.


The scene took about 12 takes, so they were pretty drunk by the afternoon. McCarthy even had to be taken back to her trailer to "lie down" for a bit.

70. Piper Laurie remained in full makeup and drag as a "famous Japanese actor" even while NOT shooting.


Lynch and Frost told her not to tell ANYONE (cast, crew, her own family) about the disguise...although people figured it out about a day or two later.

71. There were three books in total made as companion pieces to the show: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes, and Welcome to Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town.


73. And it was No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list for six weeks and sold half a million copies.

75. Dale Cooper doesn't know his secretary Diane's last name.


"It occurred to me last night...I do not know Diane's last name," he said in his autobiography, The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes.

76. Dale Cooper's favorite book is The Warren Commission Report: The Official Report of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


82. Josie Packard's real name was Li Chun Fung.

The Secret History of Twin Peaks explains that when Josie met Andrew Packard on his business trip, she claimed to be from Taiwan and that her name was Jocelyn.