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16 Musicians To Add To Your New Year's Playlist

New year, new music.

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1. Alessia Cara

Def Jam Recordings

The It girl of the moment, Canadian teen Alessia Cara was plucked from the YouTube sphere and given a record deal and a co-sign from Taylor Swift. She's made it cool to be antisocial, and we can't be mad about that.

Essential track: "Here"

4. Frances


There's nothing like an artist who can execute honest lyrics and soulful melodies effortlessly. Frances has gained critical acclaim and proven herself with her piano-centric music, and she is slowly sliding to the pop realm in the chillest way possible.

Essential track: "Borrowed Time"


5. Hinds


Hailing from Spain, Hinds is a bursting ball of energy. You'll be hard-pressed to find any other act that is more excited than these four ladies. Their music parallels their free spirits, and that all jangles with controlled chaos.

Essential track: "San Diego"

6. Jack Garratt

Daniel Harris

With two successful EPs and staking his claim over in the U.K., multi-instrumentalist Jack Garratt has a slew of A-list celebrities singing his praises. Blurring the lines between genres, he has the ability to be the next big thing in music.

Essential track: "Worry"

7. The Japanese House

The Japanese House / Via

Experimental, airy, and distorted, the Japanese House is the brainchild of 20-year-old Amber Bain who has gained attention from her mysterious persona. Drowning in carefully constructed effects and production, the Japanese House is unlike anything else you'll hear all year.

Essential track: "Cool Blue"



No one has a better launching pad for stardom than Scottish singer KLOE. Her voice has hints of Lana Del Rey, and its laid over pulsing electronic beats and immaculate production that sends nothing but pure ~vibes~ through your veins.

Essential track: "Touch"




Do we need another good-looking, '80s-inspired, boys-who-are-in-a-band band? OF COURSE WE DO. LANY is the Tumblr generation's answer to the John Hughes fan in all of us.

Essential track: "4EVER!"

10. Little Simz


This musician doesn't want to be put into a box. Hailing from the U.K., Little Simz will have you hypnotized almost immediately. With a specific cadence and unique flow, she's about take over the world.

Essential track: "Dead Body"

11. The Magic Gang

Charlotte Patmore

Often compared to Weezer, the Magic Gang is full of life and fun and have built up a fanbase touring across the U.K. Their songs are joyful in sound but lyrically sad, and it's speaking to a generation that is just as bouncy as they are.

Essential track: "No Fun"

12. MUNA

April Salud

Don't you dare call these three badass chicks from L.A. "the next Haim." MUNA is on a mission to give a voice to females from all walks of life in the form of some of the catchiest pop tunes.

Essential track: "Loudspeaker"


13. Nao


A tantalizing mix of pop, dance, funk, R&B, and more, Nao had one of the most raved-about EPs of the past year. Dubbed "retrofuturism," the singer has dominated the indie scene with her single "Bad Blood" (probably the best song with that title, tbh) and shows no signs of slowing down.

Essential track: "Bad Blood"

14. Rationale


With his lush production and distinct vocals, London producer-singer Rationale is hard to ignore. Catching the ears of heavy hitters like Pharrell, Zane Lowe, and Fall Out Boy, he is an artist for the everyman who always has something noteworthy to say.

Essential track: "Fast Lane"

15. Transviolet

Alex R. Kirzhner

Transviolet gets better and better the more you listen. A perfect blend of old and modern musicality, the Los Angeles–based band have honed in on minimalistic pop that is moody and rebellious.

Essential track: "New Bohemia"

16. Zara Larsson

Emma Svensson

At the age of 10, Zara Larsson was crowned the winner of Sweden's Got Talent. Now she's one of the most promising pop stars in her home country and just waiting in the wings to take over the world.

Essential track: "Lush Life"