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    • aprilmorphisp

      The Flaming Lips at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC. We got there 4 hours early for a good place, saw Wayne walking around inside before the doors opened. Show was incredible. I was completely sober, but was the most hallucinogenic thing ever…near religious experience. There was pounds of confetti, I was dressed as a rabbit (it was when Do You Realize was out and there are bunnies in the video), strobe lights sent someone into a seizure and Wayne stopped the show to make sure they were OK (they were fine), there were people dressed like animals in the finale, just so much fun and love! Then at the very end Wayne is leaving the stage and I scream ‘I love you!’ and blow him a kiss…he stops and turns around, comes up to me and shakes my hand…I was the only one from the crowd he came up to…it was one of those ‘never washing that hand again’ moments. Was washing confetti out of my hair for a month. Best experience ever! (Attached is a pic of a typical Lips show for reference.)

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