Reasons Buffy Made Your Adolescence Seem Just Plain Uneventful

We were all a little disappointed when we walked into our high school library on the first day of school and we learned the harsh truth: we weren’t the “chosen one.” Here, let me break it to you and Mr. Pointy slowly.

1. First, how stoked were you to see this every week? Amiright?

You get a cookie if you played air guitar along with the tune.

2. Alas, you didn’t have a destiny chosen for you, ergo, you never got your membership card to the slayer club.

3. Your Scooby Gang wasn’t nearly as cool as these guys.

4. Your librarian wasn’t nearly as hot as Giles was.

New drinking game: drink every time Giles sips from his green mug.

5. Your Friday night spot wasn’t this happening…

and it really wasn’t the end of the world if you didn’t get to go out that night.

6. Your comebacks weren’t as clever nor were they as cunning.

Thanks, Joss.

7. There wasn’t a spell that would cause you to burst into song.

I think this post’s mostly filler.

But let’s look at the positive, shall we?

9. Buffy made sure you never felt alone, no matter what stage you were at in your life…

10. She gave you fierce hope.

11. And she made you feel like you could kick ass…

and that women seriously rock.

12. She always had your back.

13. She saved the world, a lot.

14. Seriously, a lot…

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