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We Rated 16 Of 2015's Celebrity Thirst Traps

Did you fall for any traps this year?

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This year was the year of the thirst trap. Instagram was littered with celebs doing the most and we all fell for it.

So, we've rounded up a few thirst traps from the kings and queens of thirst -- some we loved, some that didn't quite trap us, and a few that were just way too much.

1. Matt McGorry presents...

2. Looks like Usher is serving the D for thanksgiving

3. A Game called TMI or TMD



The Game gets five πŸ’§'s from me because this was the most accessible thirst trap ever. There were so many hashtags. He wanted you to find it. It's like when you're using Tumblr and you search for something dull and you still get weird porn results. Also, I mean...πŸ‘€ Too bad it got deleted.


Rating: πŸ’§πŸ’§

This is too much thirst and eggplant, #tmd for my taste.

4. Jackie Christie inspirational trapping

5. Kim Kardashian's North Post

6. Serena Williams looks back at it.

7. Drake 2.0

8. Ashley Parker Angel's #tbt in bed

9. Blac Chyna's bracelet promo

10. Miley and her cat

11. B.o.B and emojis only

12. LL's selfie

13. Does Val need some Sprite?

14. Courtney Stodden waffle day

15. Is Amber cleaning?

16. Aubrey O'Day hits 400K

Here's to more celebs embracing the thirst trap in 2k16.

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