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2013 was a year for many offenses against the beloved American traditions of truth, free enterprise, and freedom. Some of the worst offenses are found on school campuses. To close-out the year, we at Young America's Foundation (YAF) present the Top Ten Politically Correct Offenses on campus:

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1. 2,977 American Flags Ripped Out of the Ground at Middlebury College


Each year, more than 200 schools participate in YAF's 9/11: Never Forget project. Unfortunately, at Middlebury College in Vermont, five student protestors ripped from the ground all 2,997 flags commemorating each of the lives lost on 9/11.

2. Vandals Destroy Pro-Life Display at DePaul University


On the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, 13 students at DePaul University destroyed a pro-life display created by DePaul's Young Americans for Freedom Chapter. All 500 pink and blue flags meant to symbolize some of the lives lost due to abortion, were thrown into various campus garbage cans.

3. School Bans Prayer at Graduation Ceremonies--Valedictorian Recites the Lord's Prayer Anyway


In June, graduating high school senior, Roy Costner IV decided to ditch his graduation speech and instead recite the Lord’s Prayer. He did this to take a stand against his school district’s decision to ban prayer at graduation ceremonies.


4. Clemson YAF Chapter Condemned for Supporting Second Amendment Rights


Clemson’s Young Americans For Freedom Chapter decided to host a Second Amendment Banquet where they gave away a Mossberg 715T semiautomatic rifle. The group followed state laws and even required a background check of the winner before the gun could be handed over. A select minority of people on campus and in the local community condemned the group.

5. High School Administrators Disagree with Santorum's Views, Cancel Speech


Back in April, a speech by former Presidential candidate Rick Santorum was cancelled by a school district in Michigan citing the Senator’s “divisive” stances on traditional marriage. Even though the topic of the Senator’s discussion would be on leadership, the event at Grosse Point High School was still canceled. Due to pressure from YAF and national media, the school district changed their mind and allowed the event to proceed as planned, but demanded that students get parental permission in order to attend the speech.

6. Ball State Student Waterboarded to Show Support for Guantanamo Bay Closure


Students at Ball State University staged a demonstration voicing their support for the detention center’s closing. Their demonstration went so far as to actually waterboard a student.

7. Unisex Bathrooms Celebrated on New Jersey Campus


The public, taxpayer-funded College of New Jersey (TCNJ) dedicated an entire week on campus to gender-neutral bathrooms. This campaign was meant to bring awareness to the lack of “equality” on campus, so the obvious thing to do was to make the most trafficked bathrooms on campus gender-neutral.

8. Virginia Tech Professor Doesn’t Want to Support Our Troops


Steven Salaita, an associate professor at Virginia Tech published a column on titled “No, thanks: Stop Saying Support The Troops”. He went as far as to say that “troop worship is trite and tiresome”.

9. Duquesne University Official Removes Posters Featuring "Off Putting" Facts About Communism


During YAF's Freedom Week, the conservative club at Duquesne University distributed and hung posters around campus that educated students about how communist regimes have oppressed and murdered more than 100 million people. The images were deemed “off-putting” by a school administrator and were subsequently torn down from the residence halls on campus.

10. Liberal State Legislator Claims that Whistles and Safe Zones are Enough to Stop Campus Rapes


Liberal Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar attacked the notion that carrying guns might make young women in college safer. Rep. Salazar adamantly believes that phones, whistles, and safe zones provide all the protection they need.

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