10 Ways You Know He “Likes” You

As told by John Hughs, My So-Called Life and Clueless. (Boys - They should each come with their own decoder ring)

1. He’ll engage in some really strange behavior.

One minute, he’s seemingly obsessed with you…

2. He’ll completely contradict the vibes he’s putting out.


3. Compliment your outfits…

4. …then make fun of your hair.

Pro tip: Hairstyles your mom thinks are cute, are not always what boys will.

5. He’ll think of interesting ways to get your attention.

This was some hi-tech flirting back in the day.

6. …then act completely disinterested.

You’ll swear, this is the stuff Zoloft commercials are made of.

7. He’ll cause you to lose all hope…

8. Then suddenly…

It’s like they can tell when you’re almost over them…they can smell it.

9. …and you’re like


10. …and it dawns on you - HE LIKES YOU.

us too.


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