15 Places You’d Probably Rather Be Right Now

Snow, rain, sleet, gloom of night — you have every reason to be somewhere else right now. Just one glance at any of these, and you’ll be itching to get out of town.

1. Losing yourself in the Great Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef.


Belize us when we tell you, it’ll blow your mind!

2. Rainbow Falls, Hawaii, where this happens all the time.


Just think about all your Instagram possibilities. #nofilter

3. Chichen Itza, Mexico, where time travel is possible.

Miguel Vasquez / Flickr / Getty Images

4. Bar hopping doesn't hold a candle to island hopping.


And who needs candles if waking up in Nassau, Bahamas looks like this?

5. Witnessing an ancient ritual dance in Tulum, Mexico.


So much better than Dancing with the Stars.

6. Surrounded by color in Cartagena, Colombia's Old Town district.

Rodrigo Arangua / AFP / Getty Images

7. The Old Denarau Jetty in Fiji, where the Earth ends and the sun sets.

Bruce Hood / Flickr / Getty Images

8. Soaking in views from above Noord, Aruba, next to the tiny Alto Vista Chapel.


9. Vacationing with this guy in the Silver Bank off of Turks and Caicos.

Kate Westaway / Stone / Getty Images

Fun fact: Humpback whales annually migrate to the Silver Bank. They all fancy, huh?

10. Willemstad, Curaçao, where even the night sparkles.

Frans Sellies / Flickr / Getty Images

11. In Christiansted on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, where clouds look good enough to eat.

Bob Webb / Flickr Open / Getty Images

12. Trying to decide which shade of pink is better in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.


13. Being bold in Negril, Jamaica.

Buena Vista Images / /Photdisc / Getty Images

14. Apartment hunting in Bocas del Toro, Panama.


The only kind of taxi you can hail here is a water taxi. Bonus!

15. Witnessing the (seismically) active Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica…

Tan Yilmaz / Flickr Open / Getty Images

…but, like, from a safe distance.

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