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12 Animals That Need A Vacation

These animals know what you're going through. They want a vacation just as badly as you do.

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1. This panda cub needs to pick on someone his own size (instead of his mom again).

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2. This cat could sink into a massage right about now.

3. This horse wants someone else to clean up for a change.

4. This hedgehog wants to wake up refreshed without soaking himself in coffee.

5. This chipmunk is itching to be pampered.

6. This dog wants see something new and exciting because this corner's driving him up the wall.

7. This turtle needs an escape, even if just for a day.

8. These goats just want to be served some drinks that aren't such a pain in the neck.

9. This sloth wishes someone else would do the cooking.

10. This antelope has earned getting served up a little dessert after all this cardio.

11. This tiger is thirsting for a longer lap pool to really lean into his swimming routine.

12. This owl could go for some more space.

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