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Should You Be A Teacher?

Find out if you have what it takes!

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  1. In the evenings do you prefer to sit back and relax or bring work home with you?

    Sit back and relax
    Bring home work with me
  2. Do you like children?

    They're okay, I guess
    They can be annoying, but are fun really
  3. You get into school and you find that all of last night's planning has been lost, and you have a surprise observation. What do you do?

    Go with the flow - how bad could it be?
    Completely panic and cry a lot
    Call in sick
  4. A fight breaks out in your classroom. How do you react?

    Calm and measured
    Completely panic and cry
    Walk out because you can't deal with this anymore
    Freeze! This wasn't in the training!
  5. There's no scheme of work available for a module you have to teach. What do you do?

    Spend hours designing it all myself!
    Just give up and refuse to teach it
    Panic and cry a lot about life in general
    Magpie other colleagues' ideas
  6. What are the holidays for?

    Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
    Preparing my classroom and resources for next term
    Finding time in my non-human organisation skills to travel and plan everything for next term
    Nothing because I'm boring

Should You Be A Teacher?

You got: No

You are not prepared for the mental anguish and stress that being a caretaker of young minds brings about. We strongly suggest that you pursue a job that has less stress and pressure - like a bomb disposal expert. Find a better work-life balance job, like a travelling sales executive.

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You got: Yes!

You are obviously someone who does not already have, or need, a life-work balance. Good luck nurturing tiny minds.

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You got: Why did you take this quiz?

You clearly do not want to work with children, so you should not have even clicked on this clickbait. Goodbye!

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