11 Of The Best Combinations Ever

We’d say “Bacon + Everything,” but that’d be cheating. These combos are just the tip of the iceberg; gather a group of friends for the craziest game of combinations around, Apples to Apples!

1. Boston Terrier + Swimming Pool

R. Agnello LLC / Getty Images

As ambitious as it was, the Jingle Dogs’ Nirvana cover album was a little ruff around the edges.

2. Bill Nye + Neil deGrasse Tyson

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

True story: the earth’s gravitational core of Awesomeness was temporarily redirected while this picture was being taken.

3. Kitten + Snowstorm

vvvita / Getty Images

If this kitten was wearing teeny-tiny snowshoes, only then would this picture be the undisputed Cutest Thing Ever.

4. Dumbledore + Dora the Explorer

Between you and us, it’s a big step up from last year’s “Yo, Gabba Gandalf.”

5. Hedgehog + Halloween

pandpstock001 / Getty Images

Behold Thorhog, almighty god of pine shavings, kibble, and being re-pinned on Pinterest a whole bunch.

6. Labrador Retrievers + Feelings

Christian Müller / Getty Images

Irrefutable proof that you can tell a better love story than Twilight in one picture.

7. Superheroes + Public Transportation

Lauren Nicole / Getty Images

Hey, if Keanu Reeves can take the subway, why can’t The Man O’ Steel?

8. Big Bear + Little Bear

davidrasmus / Getty Images

This is a sitcom and/or heartwarming family film just waiting to happen.

9. The Dark Knight + Starry Night

= The Dark Starry Knight. Perfection.

10. Little Bird + Pie + Cake + Ice Cream

Robert Kemp / Getty Images

“Fly south for the winter? Yeah, sure, just, uh, pass me that crate of Krispy Kremes and I’ll get right on that.”

11. You + Your Friends + Game Night

Good fun, great company, and crazy combinations never go out of style.

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