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The 12 Stages Of Singing In Your Car

Your driver's seat is a concert hall, and everybody knows it. Be sure to tune in to Carpool Karaoke: The Series, exclusively on Apple Music.

1. First, you're just driving. And then that song you love comes on.

2. You start dancing in the seat a little bit.

3. You start out singing kinda low and slow when the guitar part starts going.

4. Then things get a little faster, so you start to rock a little harder.

5. You get to a stoplight, which gives you the chance for a dance break.

6. Then the light turns green, and you decide to keep the dance party going.

7. Then you realize that's maybe not a great idea, so hands go back on the wheel.

8. When you're loudly belting it out and the driver in the car next to you tries to give you the side-eye...

9. you double down and go louder.

10. Then all the instruments come in for the crescendo and you're like:

11. Then it breaks out into an EDM remix.

12. When the next song comes on, it's a Will Smith song. You're totally down because...

Watch your favorite celebs sing their hearts out in the all-new Carpool Karaoke: The Series, exclusively on Apple Music.