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Let These Apple Music Festival GIFs Cure Your Festival FOMO

Just because the summer festivals have stopped doesn't mean the music has to. You can watch all of Apple Music Festival 10 on Apple Music now!

There's nothing like seeing a bunch of your favorite artists at a summer music festival.

And now that it's fall, the festivals are practically over. That means no more crazy light shows like this:

No more seeing your favorite performer slay the outfit game.

No more sing-a-longs with a crowd of sweaty people.

No more standing in the sun for hours of day sets and getting sunbaked.

And no more pushing through the tiredness just to see an amazing night set.

No more seeing bandmates giving it their all like this tambourine man...

...or the drummer who's so pumped he stands while playing.

No more surprise duets.

No more wondering if the next song they play will be your favorite song...

...until it finally is.

Sure, summer music festivals may be over, but festival season is forever.

All images courtesy of Apple Music.

Watch videos of the artists performing at Apple Music Festival 10 now on Apple Music!

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