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12 GIFs That Pretty Much Sum Up You During Festival Season

Feat. Vince Staples, Southside, and Rag'n'Bone Man.

Festival season is once again upon us. And if it's your favorite time of year, these GIFs will leave you shook.

1. How your friends feel about the lineup vs. how you feel:

2. When you get your wristband in the mail, and shit gets real.

3. Walking through the gate on your first day like:

4. But by the end of the first day, you're like:

5. When your squad can't decide on which set to see next:

6. When your favorite band finishes their set without playing your favorite song:

7. But then they come back out for an encore.

8. When it's one million degrees outside and you finally find a stage in the shade.

9. Hunting for phone service got you like:

10. But somehow you still manage to unexpectedly run into someone you know at a set.

11. "I love your tattoos!" —You to literally everyone you see.

12. When an artists asks, "Are you having a good time?!"

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