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Which Dad Is Gonna Accidentally Burn Down The House?

So many fathers who grill out, so many potential fire hazards.

A Salute To Military Service Animals

The brave men and women of the military owe a lot to their counterparts from the animal kingdom. So join Applebee's in honoring all veterans and active duty military members (even quadrupeds) as part of the #ThankYouMovement this Veterans Day.

16 Ingenious Products That Will Make Your Summer So Much Better

Nothing like the experience of something better. Applebee's is inviting you to try their NEW, bold handhelds menu. #TasteTheChange

11 Types Of Surprises We've All Experienced

Sorry (not sorry) for ruining the surprise! Watch as these diners are left in astonishment by Applebee’s delicious new Handhelds menu.

Expectations Vs. Reality: Dining With Friends

Tell the hostess they said they're almost here! Even though your friends need some hand-holding while dining out, you can be sure they will enjoy the new Handhelds menu at Applebee’s.

11 Signs You’ve Come Down With Tournament Fever

March is upon us. New apps from Applebee’s will help you through your madness.

14 Things You Won’t Believe There’s An App For

THERE ARE SO MANY APPS IN THIS WORLD. As for the kind you eat, Applebee’s has you covered.

13 Military Homecomings That Will Melt Your Heart

Prepare those heartstrings to be tugged! This Veteran's Day, as a part of their #ThankYouMovement, Applebee's is offering a FREE meal to all veterans and active-duty military as a "thank you" for your service.

11 Awesome Combination Foods You'll Want To Eat Right Now

Two is always better than one. Try not to drool while reading this post, and head to your neighborhood Applebee's for more delicious food combinations.

11 Stages Of Forgetting Your Packed Lunch

Forgotten lunch = dinner waiting for you at home after work. Head to your neighborhood Applebee's for delicious lunch combos that will make any day awesome.

What Does Your Favorite Condiment Say About You?

Choose wisely — and only one. Applebee's just introduced three new sauces for their crosscut ribs. Did we mention they're all-you-can-eat?

13 Ways Lunch Is Like The Middle Child

The middle of the sandwich is the best. But the middle of an Applebee's lunch combo sandwich is the bestest.

14 Signs You're Addicted To Shrimp

You + Shrimp = Love. Get more of those yummy little dudes for lunch today at Applebee's.

12 Scenarios That Require A Wet Wipe

Finger food is wet-wipe food. But that's not the only occasion to break out the moist towelette, just the most satisfying — like Applebee's new All-You-Can-Eat CrossCut Ribs!

12 Truly Embarrassing Times To Have Food On Your Face

"Hey, uhh... you've got a little something on your... no... other side." No need to feel embarrassed about wearing your meal when you're digging into the new All-You-Can-Eat CrossCut Ribs at your neighborhood Applebee's.

How Hangry Are You Right Now?

AKA: How far would you go to get a damn bite to eat? Satiate that hanger tonight at Applebee's.

12 Signs Hanger Is Creeping Up On You

Hanger: a harmful mix of hunger and anger. AKA: NEED. FOOD. NOWWWWW!

12 Lunch Pick-Up Lines You Can't Unhear

Lettuce pretend like you didn't just say that.