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Paid PostPosted on Jun 19, 2015

11 Types Of Surprises We've All Experienced

Sorry (not sorry) for ruining the surprise! Watch as these diners are left in astonishment by Applebee’s delicious new Handhelds menu.

1. The "Wait, Seriously, Is This for Real, You Guys, Seriously"

When you're *pretty* sure that you're about to walk into a surprise party but haven't opened the door yet.

2. The "Surprised and Horrified"

Occurs when someone chooses to show you something that came out of their body.

3. The "Double-take"

Like when you realize that the mother-in-law of the bride is wearing a pure white dress.

4. The "Mild Panic Attack"

Like when you spot your ex holding hands with someone a *little* hotter than you.

5. The "Gotcha"

Occurs when someone screams your name for no reason.

6. The "Oh No, Wait, No, That's Bad"

Like if your friend is telling a story and it looks increasingly likely that it's going to end with them telling you their court date.

7. The "OMG That Surprised Me But That's Cool Now, We're Cool"

When you go home with someone and meet their pet snake and you are definitely losing it but want to seem chill *really* badly.

8. The "Cut and Run"

BBC, Africa / Via

Occurs when you see your boss at the same restaurant as you after you've called in "sick."

9. The "I'm Freaking Out But Going to Cover It With Mild Interest"

Like when your mom starts telling you that she's going back to school to be a sex therapist.

10. The "I Need a Moment But There's No Escape" / Via

Like finding out in the middle of an all-staff meeting that your work nemesis got the promotion YOU wanted.

11. The "Shocked Into Stillness"

ignoramusky / / Via

Like when your friend is straight screaming in a public place, and you're torn between backing them up and pretending you've never met.

Now head to Applebee's to experience the shock and awe of their delicious Handhelds yourself.